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Coffee Brewing Introduction

Coffee plant

As I mentioned in the article before, it's painful to watch some home baristas boil the life out of their. In this article, I will explain to you a little of my perspective on 'Coffee Brewing' including ,brewing factors, brewing category, and many more! Read more to find out!

What Is Coffee Brewing

Now, before we start on the subject, what is coffee brewing anyway? Scientifically speaking, coffee brewing is the process of extracting the soluble material in roasted and ground coffee. In a simple way, how to make your coffee go yum-yum.

Coffee Brewing Category 

To make it simple, coffee brewing can be categorized in two categories, which is Hot Brewing and Cold Brewing.

Hot Brewing

Hot brewing, as the name suggests, uses a high temperature water to extract the chemical components of the coffee. There are so many ways you can brew coffee with these categories. I will briefly explain some of the most popular ways.

  • Pour Over or Drip Method

Kalita Wave

Pour over or drip method is a very popular method among us coffee lovers. This method generally can be done by directly pouring hot water  into your mug through a dripper and filter. It can be done manually or automatically, but usually I prefer to do it manually purely because i can control the results and its quite therapeutic for me. Some of the most famous drippers of this method are V60, Vietnam Phin, Kalita Wave, Chemex, and our own dripper Sengkedan.

  • Steeping or Immersions

French Press

This one method is the most common way Indonesians brew their coffee. Steeping your beans will allow you to extract plenty of flavour and caffeine. If you’re looking for strong, dark flavor coffee, you may want to try one of these full-immersion methods, which put your beans in direct contact with water for at least a few minutes. Some of the most famous ways of steeping or immersion brewing are Tubruk or Cupping, French Press, and Siphon. 

  • Boiling

Turkish Coffee

Okay, I know what you're thinking. 'Aren't you telling me not to boil the coffee and kill its soul?'. Yes, but this method actually exists for a reason, okay? Because it's the most simple, and yet effective if done properly. This method is quite easy, you basically mix the grounds, water, and put it on a heat source. Some of the most famous boiling methods are Turkish Coffee and cowboy coffee.

  • Pressure


This method is one of the most popular in the world, with espresso as one of the most recognizable coffee as a product of this method. Pressure-based methods typically require a little more machinery to work well. Most use pressure to move water quickly through coffee grounds. Some of the most famous are espresso machines, moka pot, and aeropress.

Cold Brewing