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Simplest Way Brew Excellent Tasting Coffee At Home

Coffee cupping

Not all of us have the time (or money) to go to a packed cafe and wait 2 hours just for a cuppa. In this article I will give you the guide on how to make a delicious cup of coffee.

What do you need to brew?

Now before we give you the recipe, you will need some equipment to help you achieve your goals.

  • Thermometer

You will need a thermometer to check your water temperature[1]. Technically you can check your temperature without thermometer but you'll need a very specific set of skills.[2]

  • Scale

You probably have a scale in your kitchen, but I will recommend you get a digital scale. As a rule of thumb the more sensitive the better.[3]

  • Grinder

Trust me, if you love coffee you will not regret purchasing a good grinder. You don't need to buy the top of the line (because it's expensive and kinda overkill), try to get one with burrs as opposed to blades.[4]

  • Kettle

You can use the kettle at home or you can buy the one with the thermometer already incorporated.[5]

  • Timer

You can just use your phone.

What kind of Coffee should I choose?

In this recipe we generally use medium - medium dark roast. But you do you! Try an espresso blend if you want! But be sure the bean quality is premium, otherwise your coffee will be pretty general and stale.

If you want to find good quality coffee beans, you may try a local roastery and ask the barista. My recommendation would be . They have a spectacular roast profile because their beans are roasted by a master roaster and their selection is superb… My favorite is Illuminati Single Origin.

Now that you have your coffee, let's brew

Cowboy coffee (this is the premium)


  • 18 gr coarse grind coffee

  • 280 gr water

  • 20ml cold water

Step by step:

  • Put the grounds and the water to a kettle

  • Heat up the kettle until 90°C or 194F

  • Remove from the heat and stir slowly to agitate for 15 second

  • Put the cold water and stir slowly for 3 times

  • Ready to serve!

Tubruk Coffee


  • 8.5 coarse grind coffee

  • 150 ml water

Step by step:

  • Put the grounds into a cup

  • Heat up the water to 93°C 

  • Pour the water slowly

  • Wait for 4 minutes

  • Stir 3 times slowly on the top to makes the grounds go to the bottom

  • Ready to serve!

P.S : this is kinda my own way to do tubruk coffee

What about the other methods?

Pour over method

There remain many brewing methods that I don't include in this article for the sake of simplicity. I will talk about them in future posts! So be sure to follow along and nerd out with me about coffee with me next time🤓

See you soon!



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