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Whether you're a novice or an experienced artist, our studio offers a unique blend of electric wheel throwing and handbuilding techniques, providing a comprehensive exploration of the ceramic artistry process.

Our residency program takes you on a transformative journey, guiding you through the full end-to-end spectrum of creating ceramic art.

Our residents gain a diverse skill set under the watchful eye of our studio owner, David. Originally hailing from New York, he has been shaping clay since 1990.

As the heartbeat of our studio, David shares his wealth of experience, offering direct supervision, insightful observations, and personalized guidance, ensuring that each student resident has ample time to hone their craft within our creative haven.



Choose a 6 or 12 week residency


Clay Preparation

Learn the basics of clay preparation, recycling, and the unique qualities of different clays. We'll guide you through the process of blending clays, and over the course of your time here, help you find the one that speaks to you.



Uncover the nuances of glaze types, layering techniques, and the art of application. Through hands-on experiences and open studio days, participants refine their glazing skills, cultivating a nuanced understanding of this transformative stage in the ceramic creation process.


Basic Technique

Guided by hands-on sessions, we introduce fundamental handbuilding and wheel throwing techniques. Open studio days provide independent practice with subtle guidance, fostering a comprehensive and authentic understanding of the craft.


Kiln Instruction

From bisque firing basics to nuanced temperature control, witness your creations come to life. Explore the art of gas firing, understanding both oxidation and reduction atmospheres, shaping the unique character of your pieces. Here you will discover the magic of a gas kiln.

Download the .pdf curriculum here:

For a detailed breakdown of the 6 week and 12 week resident curriculum, please send us a message privately and we will send you the .pdf.

Each class session includes a free meal and a drink at our in-house pop-up cafe 'Something Casual'


In order to maximize on the quality of the lesson, we only offer 4 spaces for each cycle, 2 spaces for 6 week students and 2 spaces for 12 week students.

If you would like to join us but have questions about Bali accommodation, Indonesian visas, or anything else, please feel free to message us here or on our Instagram.

  • Ended

    40,000,000 Indonesian rupiahs

  • Ended

    75,000,000 Indonesian rupiahs
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